Top 10 Best Fast Bowler in History of Cricket

Michael Holding of West Indies bowling during West Indies' tour of England, 10th May 1980. (Photo by Patrick Eagar/Popperfoto via Getty Images/Getty Images

Cricket is a kind of game where the batsman always has the upper hand and in this game, some fast bowlers shine like a diamond in their way. The way they set up their 6 balls over and take a wicket with unpredictable delivery. And here is the top 10 best fast bowler of all time:-

10. Michael Holding (West Indies | 1975 – 1987)

Michael Holding is also known as a “Whispering Death”. He was his kind of bowler “he can ball to anyone at any condition and make a problem for the opposition” once said Sunil Gavaskar. He dismiss someone like Sunil Gavaskar 11 times in his career. He took 249 wickets in just 60 test matches with an average of 23.68. 

9. Sydney Barnes (England | 1901 – 1914)

Some players who play have small international careers but they give us so much to remember about them and Sydney Barnes was one of them. He’s played from the English cricket board. On every day of cricket, there is not too much international cricket play. But someone like Sydney Barnes doesn’t need too many matches to prove his worth. he just played 27 for England he took 189 wickets an average of just 16.43. He passed away on 26 December 1967 may his soul rest in peace. we wish when you played for your country we have cameras to watch your greatness.


8. Dale Steyn (South Africa | 2004 – 2019)

We talking about fast bowling and Dale Steyn (the gun) is not here can’t be happing. A South African who bowls like a gun they say. The way he shows his aggression and energy was phenomenal. Dale Steyn brocks every record that a fast bowler can brock. He was the definition of a perfect fast bowler but after his injury in December 2015. His rating goes down as his career. He ruled on number test ranking for 2343 days. In this generation of fast bowlers, he was the best without any doubt. 


7. Sir Richard Hadlee (New Zealand | 1973 – 1990)

A fast bowler is always aggressive but what we can say about Sir Richard Hadlee is he was a block of cool ice and a very friendly human being. Because of him, New Zealand cricket shines like the sun in the world of cricket. Sir Richerd Hadlee was also a great all-rounder. He made his test debut on Feb 2nd, 1973 against Pakistan. Sir Richerd Hadlee took 431 test wickets an average of 22.3. He was like a one-man army for new Zealand he carried new Zealand’s entire bowling attack on there on his own shoulder single-handed. He was a superman for new Zealand.


6. Dennis Lillee (Australia | 1971 – 1984)

Aussie always has the best fast bowler in their team who can destroy the opposition batting order completely by themself and Dennis Lillee is one of that bowlers. Dennis Lillee is known as the godfather of fast bowling. In his early days, batsmen were afraid to face him he was so dangerous. But after his injuries, he changed his run-up but still, he got some speed that can make batsmen pee in his pants.

5. Malcolm Marshall (West Indies | 1978 – 1991)

Malcolm Marshall was not tall like other west Indian fast bowlers but he was quack like a bullet train. He took 376 wickets an average of 20.94  in just 81 test matches. He made his test debut again in India in Bangalore on 15 December 1978. And he took 157 wickets in 136 matches with a bowling average of 26.96. He passed away on 4 November 1999 at the age of 41 because of colon cancer.  A short but how legendry life he lived.


4. Glenn McGrath (Australia | 1993 – 2007)

One of the best bowlers of all time ever this cricket world sees. There is no need for an introduction to tall Aussie fast bowler Glenn McGrath everyone knows how great a fast bowler he is. Her teammates call him pigeon. He made his debut in 1993 vs new Zealand. With his perfect line and length bowling, he took 563 test wickets in 124 matches with an average of just 21.64 in test cricket. 


3. James Anderson:

Someone like James Anderson can ball as nobody can. You can explain James Anderson’s bowling in words. If you ever wanna see how can you swing the ball perfectly then see James Anderson. His wrist position is his bowling technic the way he swung the ball at both sides he’s one of the best bowlers someone has ever seen. Hee took 640 wickets with an average of 26.58 and he’s 39 years old and still, he’s going on as a fast bowler. Who knows how long we can see him but as we’ll know that there is nothing more beautiful than Sir James Anderson’s swing bowling for a cricket fan.


2. Curtly Ambrose (West Indies | 1988 – 2000)

The tall west Indian bowler with such great skills and accuracy. Curtly Ambrose is one of the tallest cricket players (6ft 7in). With his long hands ball come from 10ft to batsmen. He was the most dangerous bowler who have pace, length, bounce & swing. The first time he played an international match against Pakistan was 2 April 1988. He took 405 wickets in just 98 test matches with just an average of 20.99. And in ODI he took 225 wickets in ODI cricket in just 176 matches. And in first-class cricket e took 941 wickets how great he is.

1. Wasim Akram (Pakistan | 1984 – 2003)

Wasim Akram known as the “Sultan of Swing” is the only left-arm fast bowler on this list he’s the best fast bowler of all time pace with brilliant swing. Wasim Akram was the first bowler to reach 300,400 and 500 ODI wickets he took 502 wickets in ODI cricket and he took 414 wickets in test cricket. He made his debut on 25 Jan 1985 vs New Zealand. And the rest is history. 


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