Top 10 Shortest NFL Players in the World

Top 10 NFL Shortest Players in 2022

Not everyone who plays the game is 6’3 tall and weighs 300 pounds. Some of the best players have been shorter than six feet, and many have been shorter than five feet ten inches. Look at Wes Welker, who is 5 feet 9 inches tall and plays wide receiver. Welker went to the Pro Bowl five times, and in 2007, 2009, and 2011, he led the NFL in receptions. He also has the most receptions in New England. But Welker and a few other 5’8″ players are too tall to make our list of the shortest NFL players of all time. All of the players on the list are 5’7″ or shorter. 

10. Terron Ward

  • Team:- Atlanta Falcons
  • Height:-  5 foot 7 inches / 170.1 Centimetre 
  • Special teams/running back
  • It can’t be easy to be T.J.’s younger brother, even though they are both free agents now. Terron Ward played for the Falcons for three years, from 2015 to 2017. In 2015, he played 13 games, and in 2016, he played five. In 2017, he was the team’s third running back, and he played in 14 games.

9. Mark McMillian

Mark McMillian


  • Team:- Kansas city chiefs
  • Height:-  5 foot 7 inches / 170 Centimetre 
  • Cornerback
  • In 1942, Terrytoons made an animated character called Mighty Mouse. Throughout the 1990s, cornerback Mark McMillian has been known as “Mighty Mouse” inside the NFL. He played for five teams, including the Eagles, who drafted him, and the Chiefs, for whom he led the league in interception return yards in 1997. McMillian got his nickname because he was short for an NFL player and had a high vertical jump, which helped him cover receivers.

8. Tommylee Lewis

Mark McMillian

  • Team:- New Orleans Saints
  • Height:-  5 foot 7 inches / 169 Centimetre 
  • Tommylee Lewis, who used to play for the Saints and is now a free agent, became a return specialist for the Saints. So far, he only has 20 receptions, 252 receiving yards, and two receiving touchdowns on his record. Even though he’s one of the shortest NFL players in 2023, he’s almost 27 years old and still has a lot of time to add to his stats if someone will hire him.

7. Maurice Jones-Drew

Maurice Jones-Drew

  • Team:- Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Height:-  5 foot 7 inches / 169 Centimetre 
  • Running back
  • The running back Maurice Jones-Drew was a Jaguar in every way. He played there for eight years and holds eight team records, including the most touchdowns in a career with 81, of which 68 were scored by running the ball. In 2014, he agreed to sign a three-year new agreement with Oakland and played in 12 non-important games. In 2015, when he was 29, he said he was giving up.
  • Jones-life Drew’s just shows that size doesn’t matter all that much. He is both one of the shortest and one of the best running backs in NFL history.


  • It’s not size, but play performance matters

Football or soccer is a game that requires teamwork, positive participation, and great physical strength and stamina. There are many short but excellent NFL players who prove themselves and make significant contributions to their teams and football history. The height is not the most important thing, the performance matters. We cheer for the player who made his records, and meanwhile, our scores should be highlighted the same.

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6. Andrew Hawkins

Andrew Hawkins

  • Team:- Cincinnati Bengals
  • Height:-  5 foot 7 inches / 168 Centimetre 
  • Andrew Hawkins’s 2008 pro day in Toledo didn’t help him get noticed, even though he put clay under his heels and put weights in his pockets. Later he signed with the Rams in Jan 2011 but was released in August. He was picked up by the Bengals the same day. He signed with the Browns in 2014. But in 2015, he was taken off the team because he was hurt. He signed a one-year deal with the Patriots in May 2017, but he retired a few months later.

5. Jakeem Grant

Jakeem Grant

  • Team:- Miami Dolphins
  • Height:-  5 foot 7 inches / 168 Centimetre 
  • Jakeem Grant, a wide receiver and return specialist, was picked by Miami within the 2016 NFL Draft Pick and remains there. During his debut season, he managed to score his 1st touchdown pass when he apprehended a 74-yard kick return. In the first week of 2018, Grant returned a kickoff for 102 yards and scored a touchdown. We understand why the Dolphins gave him a four-year new contract in August, which he agreed to sign.


4. Darren Sproles

Darren Sproles

  • Team:- Philadelphia Eagles
  • Height:-  5 foot 7 inches / 167 Centimetre 
  • Running back
  • We’re getting down to business with our list of the shortest NFL players. Darren Sproles showed over and over that size isn’t the most important thing. He then transferred to New Orleans for a couple of years. Since 2014, he has been in Philadelphia. He won the Super Bowl, went to the Pro Bowl for three years in a row, and made the All-Pro first team twice, all as an Eagle. With 64 touchdowns, he is 14th on the list of active players.

3. Jacquizz Rodgers

Jacquizz Rodgers

  • Team:- Atlanta Falcons
  • Height:-  5 foot 6 inches / 166.3 Centimeter 
  • Running back
  • The Falcons picked Jacquizz Rodgers in the 2011 NFL Draft, and he became a reliable running back for them. After his time with the Falcons, he signed with Chicago for one year, which is probably a year he’d rather not talk about. The next year, Rodgers joined the Buccaneers and played there from 2016 to 2018. Early in August, he agreed to sign with the Saints, but by the end of the month, he cut the deal. Rodgers had also managed to play in 110 games and appeared in 14 of them. He is now a free agent.


2. Tarik Cohen

Tarik Cohen

  • Team:- Chicago Bears
  • Height:-  5 foot 6 inches / 166 Centimeter 
  • Running back
  • Tarik Cohen was picked by the Bears in 2017 after a great college career. He is relatively quick, and then in 2018, Tarik Cohen made the Pro Bowl and first-team All-Pro. That same year, he also won the Brian Piccolo Award. He is the smallest player inside this current period to throw a touchdown pass.


1. Trindon Holliday is the Shortest NFL Players

Trindon Holliday Shortest NFL Player

  • Team:- Denver Broncos
  • Height:-  5 foot 5 inches / 165.1 Centimeter 
  • Kick returner/punt returner
  • Since 2015, he has been on the list of free agents, but he has not retired. Trindon Holliday also did play for six teams in the NFL. Although he isn’t playing right now, he’s yet the shortest NFL player. As a college sprinter, Holliday’s 42-inch vertical jump put him on Sportscasting’s list of the best in the world. He is known best as a Broncos player who comes back kicks and punts. Shapiro, who was only 5 feet and 1 inch tall, played college football on a good team at New York University.



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