Most Popular Sports In The UK 2023

Most Popular Sports In The UK

People find watching sports either live or on television more fun. This is because the amount of skill and athleticism current sports personnel shows is just unimaginable. And to watch them in action is amazing and exciting for millions and millions of people.

We have prepared a list of sports that citizens of the United Kingdom love and watch and here is the list of Most Popular Sports In The UK 2023.

1. Football

Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool)

At top of our list is the most famous and most-watched sport in the world. The United Kingdom is no different from the world because football originated in the nineteen century in England. In the UK each country has its own national football team and with that, there are more than a hundred different football clubs.

Out of those clubs’ teams, only the elite 20 teams compete in the tournament called the premier league. Premier League has fans not just in the United Kingdom but all around the world. It consists of well-known teams like Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool, and many others. Last year more than 26.8 million people watched the premier league in the UK.  

2. Cricket



In second position we have Cricket which is again the second most popular sport in the world. Cricket also originated in England around the 1800s. However, in the early days, it was only played by an army officer and high post-government officials. Just like football, there are hundreds of cricket teams in the UK.

Cricket is the national sport of the country but it is losing its popularity and fans because of its slow pace game and weird rules. However, the new format of the game is fast and exciting to watch which is bring the fans back to liking the game. The recent t20 world cup in which England won was viewed by almost 13 million people in the UK.

3. Rugby


In our list of popular sports, rugby is in the third position. Just like cricket it was also only played by the elite class people. But over the period that has changed and not is becoming a more popular sport a lot of people are playing the sport and, the number of people actively following it is even greater.

The government of the United Kingdom is promoting this sport so more people play it. They also are the governing body of the rugby league and the rugby union. Sport has its majority of the fans from northern England such as Yorkshire and Cumbria.

4. Tennis


In the fourth position, we have the first individual sport and that is Tennis. The UK’s Wimbledon tournament is also considered to be the most popular tennis tournament that players from all around the world want to play and win too. Because it is one of the four grand slams that are very much respected in the world.

In terms of viewership and popularity, it is widely popular in the UK. players like Andy Murray have made their career in this sport and he is one of the most famous personnel from the UK. 

5. Swimming


In terms of athletics sport swimming in the United Kingdom is very much respected and loved. In the recent swimming tournament final, more than 9.1 million people tuned BBC network to watch. That shows the stretcher of the sport that the reason we have included swimming in our list at fifth position. In the UK England’s Mark Foster is the most famous and successful swimmer that has multiple medals and trophies in his cabinet.

6. Horse Racing

Horse Racing

Horse Racing has been in the UK’s culture for a long time and over the period new sport has come but still, people enjoy this ancient sport of racing. When we wear researching the different sports this one was we never thought of and may you guys also did not consider it to be on the list.

However, there is a reason behind putting this in the sixth position is that every year more than six million people attain horse racing which is really impressive.  

7. Badminton


Badminton in the UK is governed by Badminton England which was established in 1893 as the badminton Association of England. Million people play this sport all over the world and in the UK also there is a good number of professional badminton players.

Especially when a badminton player does good in a major tournament player gets overwhelming support for their hard work. 

8. Rowing


Rowing may not be a very popular sport in other countries but in the UK that’s not true. People here love this sport because thousand of people participate in rowing. Static also proves that over 377 thousand people have participated in rowing in 2021. That is why rowing deserves the spot on the list.

The UK has a number of famous rowing clubs like Kingston Rowing Club. Bedford Rowing Club, Thames Rowing Club, and London Rowing club.

9. Ice Hockey


Ice hockey in the United Kingdom is managed by IHUK (Ice Hockey UK) which arrange different tournament across the UK. Ice hockey does not get the same encouragement as football and rugby but it is gaining popularity because of the EIHL tournament. Which are exciting and best for the winter. A few famous ice hockey names from the UK are Owen Nolan and Tony Hand.

10. Netball


The last one on our list is Netball it is last but not the least. In the year 1999, the Netball Super League was founded which become the pioneer of the popularity of the sport. Players from the county like England, Wales, Scotland, Fiji, and New Zealand participate in the Netball Super League.

Netball in the United Kingdom has the highest number of female player turn out with more than 1.3 million participating in the netball tournament. That is how it has cemented its place on the list.



Which sport is most popular in the world in terms of fans?

On the top, there is Football/Soccer with 3.5 billion fans and in the second position is Cricket with 2.5 billion fans.

Which sport is the UK’s national sport?

Cricket is considered to be the UK’s national sport that has been taught and played in schools and colleges in the UK as well.

Which sports were invented in the UK?

Football, Cricket, Tennis, and Golf were invented in the UK and are now played by millions and millions around the globe.

How many football clubs are currently operating in the UK?

There are more than 40,000 associated cubes present in the UK.

Who is the most famous sports personnel in the UK?

Devid Backhem is considered the most famous sports personnel in the UK.


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