Top 10 Fastest NFL Players in 2023

fastest NFL player
fastest NFL player

The National Football League is a league where you can witness amazing football. Football is a game of speed and strength when you combine both you will have the best athletes in the world. In this article, we are going to check out 10 athletes that have shown superhuman capabilities.

We are going to cover players that have reached the fastest speed during the play. This list will involve players from recent seasons, so can have a better understanding of which player to look for while watching the game. Check out the list to know, do we have a player from your favorite team.

10. Tutu Atwell- 21.46MPH (12- yard rush)

Tutu Atwell
Tutu Atwell

Tutu Atwell is a Los Angeles Rams wide receiver who wears the 15-number jersey. He was born on October 7, 1999, in Miami where he went to Miami Northwestern high school and played football for them.

Then he completed his college at Louisville afterward he was picked out in the 2021 NFL draft by the Rams. He is a Super Bowl Champ so do not take him lightly. This is just the beginning of his career.

His NFL statistic as of now:

Receptions: 11

Receiving Yards:237

Receiving Touchdowns:1

Return Yards:141

9. Rashod Bateman- 21.48MPH (54- yard reception)

Rashod Bateman
Rashod Bateman

Reshod was born in the year 1999 on November 29 in Tifton Georgia where he did his high school at Tift County school. After that to play football, he joins the Minnesota college team. He was popular because of his play and his size, he is 6ft 1 inch and 197lb.

He got his first NFL contract in 2019 from Baltimore Ravens as a wide receiver and he wears a No.7 jersey. Currently, he is an injured reserve for them but in the year 2019, he won the Richter-Howard Receiver of the year.

His NFL statistic as of now:

Receptions: 61

Receiving Yards: 800

Receiving Touchdowns:3

8. Melvin Gordon- 21.52MPH (70- yard TD)

Melvin Gordon
Melvin Gordon

So far, we had players born in the year 1999 but now we have some experienced Melvin was born in the year 1993 on April 13. He revived his first contract from San Diego in the year 2015. Before that, he was playing for Wisconsin college.

After his first signing, he played for Los Angeles Chargers and Denver Broncos, and currently, he is the No. 34 of the Kansa City Chiefs running back. He is two times Pro Bowl and won the Doak Walker Award in 2019.

His NFL statistics as of now:

Rushing Yards: 6,462

Rushing Average: 4.1

Rushing Touchdowns: 55

Reception: 309

Receiving Yards: 2,467

Receiving Touchdowns:14

7. Tariq Woolen- 21.58MPH (40- yard receiving TD)

Tariq Woolen
Tariq Woolen

Tariq is a 23 years old professional football player. He is the number 27 of the Seattle Seahawks in the fourth week he did this amazing thing. Tariq is a 6ft 4 giant that weighs 210lb and for him to this level of speed is just pure class.

He was born in Fort Worth, Texas where he went to Arlington high school. He played his college football for UTSA before he was picked in the NFL draft last year (2022).

His NFL statistics as of now:

Tackles: 45

Fumble Recoveries: 2

Pass Deflections: 12

Interceptions: 6

Defensive Touchdowns:1

6. Devin Duvernay- 21.60MPH (103- yard kickoff return TD)

Devin Duvernay
Devin Duvernay

In the second week of the season, Baltimore Raven was playing against the Miami Dolphins where Devin Duvernay reaches a speed of 21.60MPH and completed the touchdown. He weighs around 202lb and he is 5ft 11 this physic helps him to reach this level of speed in the game.

He went to Sachse high school where he began his professional career then he played for Texas college for three years. Then he started playing in NFL for Baltimore Ravens as a wide receiver.

His NFL statistics as of now:

Receptions: 77

Receiving Yards: 786

Return Yards: 2,081

Rushing Yards: 175

Total Touchdowns: 8

5. Dalvin Cook- 21.68MPH (81- yard rushing TD)

Dalvin Cook
Dalvin Cook

Delvin Cook’s 21.68MPH run is even more special because it was the momentum-changing play in the game against the Jets. He begins his journey with the Minnesota Vikings in 2017 and from there onwards he has been a key feature of their lineup.

Delvin was born in Opa-Locka, Miami on August 10 in 1995. He played his high school football at Miami central and college football for Florida state from 2014 to 2016. Then in 2017 picked up in the NFL draft and now he is an executive for FCF Zappers. He has a decorated career in NFL as could be seen in his NFL statistics.

His NFL statistics as of now:

Rushing Yards: 5,661

Rushing Average: 4.7

Rushing Touchdowns: 45

Receptions: 208

Receiving Yards: 1,659

Receiving Touchdowns: 4

4. Christian Watson- 21.72MPH (46- yard rushing TD)

Christian Watson
Christian Watson

Christian was born on May 12, 1999, in Phoenix, Arizona where he went to Henry B. Plant high school then he started playing for the North Dakota State college football team for four years. Later in 2022, he received a contract from Green Bay Packers to play as wide receiver.

Number 9 of the Green Bay has reached the speed of 21.72MPH but that is not the only time he has done something like this. He has crossed the 20mph mark multiple times and especially this season he has crossed this total of 6 times. Which is the highest in a single season of the NFL.

His NFL statistics as of now:

Receptions: 25

Receiving Yards: 401

Receiving Touchdowns: 7

Rushing Yards: 68

Rushing Touchdowns: 2

3. DeSean Jackson- 21.72MPH (62- yard reception)

DeSean Jackson
DeSean Jackson

3rd fastest speed by a ball carrier this season is No. 15 of Baltimore Raven’s wide receiver. It is more impressive because DeSean Jackson is 36 years old. Yes, he was born on December 1, 1986, in Los Angeles, California.

He played for Long Beach Polytechnic high school and college football for California (2005 – 2007). After that, he started playing for Philadelphia Eagles in 2008, which continue till 2013. After that, he played for the Washington redskins and then Tampa Bay Buccaneers he returns to his first team Eagles which lasted till 2021. Currently, he is planning for his home city LA and playing for them he reached this speed.

He has amazing stats under his belt in NFL in terms of touchdowns he has 26 for 60+ yards and 5 for 80+ yards.

Receptions: 635

Receiving Yards: 11,200

Receiving Touchdowns: 58

Return yards: 1,352

Return Touchdowns: 4

2. Breece Hall- 21.87MPH (62- yard rushing TD)

Breece Hall
Breece Hall

Breece Hall has given New York Jets a 7-0 lead against the Denver Broncos with his wonderful 62- yards touchdown. He played as a running back for the Jets wearing a 20-number jersey.

He was born on May 31, 2001, in Omaha, Nebraska. He is a 5ft 11 guy that weighs around 220 which is perfect for a football player. With this body, you can achieve the best physical strength without compromising of speed.

He played his high school football for Wichita Northwest and from 2019 to 2021 he played for Iowa state college. He was picked up in the 2022 NFL draft by New York Jets. And they must be thinking that they have picked out a gem of a player in 2022’s draft.

He has won awards like Unanimous All-American in 2020 and Consensus All-American in 2021.

His NFL statistics as of now:

Rushing Yards: 463

Rushing Average: 5.8

Rushing Touchdowns: 4

Receptions: 19

Receiving Yards: 218

Receiving Touchdowns:1

1. Kenneth Walker- 22.09MPH (72- yard rushing TD)

Kenneth Walker
Kenneth Walker

22.09 miles per hour is the fastest by-ball carrier this season. And the player who did this is Kenneth Walker of the Seattle Seahawks playing as a running back. This is against the chargers where the Seahawks won by 37 – 23 in week 7 of this season.

He was born on October 20, 2000, in Arlington, Tennessee. Over there he played his high school football for Arlington high school where he has a total of 41 touchdowns playing for them.

He played college football for Wake Forest and Michigan State. Where he won awards like the Walter Camp and the Doak Walker in 2021. He is currently playing for Seattle Seahawks as a running back.

His NFL statistics as of now:

Rushing Yards: 613

Rushing Average: 4.5

Rushing Touchdowns: 9

Receptions: 19

Receiving Yards: 116

Receiving Touchdowns: 0



Who is the fastest NFL player of all time?

Kenneth Walker holds the recode of being the fastest NFL player of all time with a speed of 22.09mph.

Which team is the most successful in the NFL?

Green Bay Packers is the most successful team in the NFL. They have won a total of 13 league championship and has a GP of 1414.

Which NFL stadium has the highest spectator capacity?

AT&T Stadium has a capacity of 100,000 spectators and Soldier Field stadium is the smallest with a capacity of 61,500.

Who is the fastest NFL player 40-yard dash ever?

John Ross is the fastest for 40 the yard dash with 4.22 seconds but few suggest that Bo Jackson broke that with 3.9 seconds but there is no factual evidence for that.





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