Top 10 Fastest century in ODI


Recent years in One Day International, widely known as ODI has turned the interest level more than its yesteryears. Every batsman has a goal and an amazing competition of securing the fastest 50s and 100s. The fastest of this time is Abraham Benjamin De Villiers famously known as AB de Villiers. Villiers discord his century in just 31 balls making it one of the biggest records in cricket ODI history. There are many others who have made the list of the Fastest century in ODI.

A batsman scoring runs for his team is not a special thing but achieving three-digit runs in a few balls and making a great contribution to the team’s score is something to acknowledge about. Securing the Fastest centuries in ODI is a goal every batsman dreams of as it is a great personal achievement.

10. Kevin O’Brien

Kevin O'Brien
Kevin O’Brien

The last on the list, and that too from Ireland, Kevin O’Brien scored one of the fastest ODI against England in the land of India in the world cup 2011.

He sure did create history and that too very quick with just 50 balls. The wickets around him kept getting down, but with his calmness and consistent pace, he secured his century. He secured 13 fours and 6 sixes, though they didn’t clear the first round they sure did have a legendary match.

9. Sanath Jayasuriya

Sanath Jayasuriya
Sanath Jayasuriya

During the Match of the Singer cup in Singapore, batting for the first time, Sanath, the left-handed batsman of Sri-lanka, beat Pakistan bowlers by scoring 100 in just 48 balls. Which led to his name in one of the fastest ODI lists.

Jayasuriya secured 11 sixes and fours to score these runs, which lead Sri Lanka to win the game against Pakistan by 34 balls in April 1996.

8. Jos Buttler

Jos Buttler
Jos Buttler

The legend of English cricket rescued the team score England when they needed some hope after some fast wickets, Jos Buttler. Not just rescuing, he even led the team to win against Pakistan by scoring one of the fastest ODI in 46 balls in the year 2015. With 8 sixes and 10 fours, Butler secured 8 sixes and 10 fours which led the team to achieve 355 runs in 50 overs.

He was even awarded man of the series and Man of the Match.

7. Jesse Ryder

Jesse Ryder
Jesse Ryder

Jesse Ryder has never talked much about, as much as Corey Anderson is asked for his fastest ODI. But Jesse got his legacy and individual record of scoring a century in just 46 balls against West Indies.

He secured 5 sixes and 12 fours with a strike rate of 203. He along with Corey brought a great record against west indies on the eve of the new Year in 2015.

6. Shahid Afridi

Brian Lara
Shahid Afridi

Throughout his career, Afridi never stopped making consistent runs. With his amazing performance, he couldn’t stop himself from hitting a century at just 45 balls against India.

While chasing the target of 250 runs Afridi made the sixth fastest ODI record.

In the year 2005, Afridi scored this century when the India Vs Pakistan match was at its peak. He secured 9 sixes, and 10 fours leading his team to win the tournament.

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5. Brian Lara

Brian Lara
Brian Lara

Be it a test or ODI west indies skipper Brain Lara is known for scoring runs. Lara has broken the record of most runs in Test cricket twice. And now has secured the fifth position in the 2nd ODI of west indies tour of Bangladesh in October 1999.

Brian scored his century in 45 balls and lost his wicket at 62 balls with 117 runs. His run rate was 188.70. He scores 18 fours and 4 sixes which leads the team to score 314 and wins by 109 runs. Brian Lara is one of the richest cricketers in the world.

4. Mark Boucher

Mark Boucher
Mark Boucher

The name written in golden letters in the cricket history of South Africa is Mark Boucher. The wicket-keeper batsman has achieved a great century within just 44 balls against Zimbabwe.

Mark achieved the century with 44 balls with the unbeaten score of 147 in 68 balls along with a run rate of 216.17. He completed the century with 8 fours and 10 sixes. In this match, South Africa hit their second 400+ score and won the match by 171 runs.

3. Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi
Shahid Afridi

In his first international batting, Afridi scored a century and held the record for the third fastest century of an ODI in October 1996. He held the record for 18 years until our very own Corey and then de Villiers broke it.

The match against Sri Lanka at the KCA centenary tournament in Nairobi. He scored 100 runs in just 37 balls at the run rate of 255.

His partnership with Saeed Anwar lasted for about 126 runs. He scored 6 fours and 11 sixes. The team scored a total of 371 and beat Sri Lanka.

2. Corey Anderson

Corey Anderson
Corey Anderson

Before our top-notch AB de Villiers took first place, Corey Anderson, the New Zealand cricketer was the first to hold the record for fastest ODI in just 36 balls in January 2014.

Corey scored 131 runs in 47 balls at the run rate of 278.72 against west indies at Queenstown.

His partnership with Jesse Ryder was of about 191 runs. Anderson’s records held 6 fours with 14 sixes. The runs went down to 283, making the west indies lose the match by 159 runs.

1. AB de Villiers

AB de Villiers
AB de Villiers

AB de Villiers, a South Indian cricketer, holds the record for the fastest century in the ODI Hitting the century in just 31 balls on January 15. He scored a century against the West Indies at the Wanderers Stadium.

AB de Villiers as a captain during the match scored total runs of 149 in just 44 balls, his run rate was 338.63.

His partnership during the match was with Hashim Amla of run 192. During the match, Villiers hit 9 fours and about 16 sixes to create the record. The match turned out to be the fourth-highest ODI total of all time, making the west indies lose by 148 runs. AB de Villiers Also score fastest 50 and 150 in ODI cricket.


Who scores the Fastest century in ODI by Indian?

In the history of one-day internationals, Virat Kohli broke the record for the quickest century by an Indian batsman in October 2013.

Who scores Fastest Century in t20?

Rohit Sharma and Devid Miller both score the fastest century in T20. they both score a century on 35 balls.

Who scores the fastest half-century in ODI?

Abraham Benjamin de Villiers scored the fastest half-century in ODI in 16 balls.

Who scores the Fastest century in the Test?

Brendan McCullum scored the fastest century in the test he score this century with only 56 balls.

Who scores the fastest 150 in ODIs?

Abraham Benjamin de Villiers scored the fastest 150 in ODIs.


List of top 50 fastest centuries in ODI

Runs Balls Player Match Venue
149 31 AB de Villiers South Africa v West Indies Johannesburg
131* 36 CJ Anderson New Zealand v West Indies Queenstown
102 37 Shahid Afridi Pakistan v Sri Lanka Nairobi
147* 44 MV Boucher South Africa v Zimbabwe Potchefstroom
117 45 BC Lara West Indies v Bangladesh Dhaka
102 45 Shahid Afridi Pakistan v India Kanpur
104 46 JD Ryder New Zealand v West Indies Queenstown
116* 46 JC Buttler England v Pakistan Dubai (DSC)
162* 47 JC Buttler England v Netherlands Amstelveen
134 48 ST Jayasuriya Sri Lanka v Pakistan Singapore
110* 50 JC Buttler England v Pakistan Southampton
113 50 KJ O’Brien Ireland v England Bangalore
102 51 GJ Maxwell Australia v Sri Lanka Sydney
100* 52 V Kohli India v Australia Jaipur
162* 52 AB de Villiers South Africa v West Indies Sydney
124 53 Shahid Afridi Pakistan v Bangladesh Dambulla
102 53 MM Ali England v West Indies Bristol
105 54 JM Bairstow England v Scotland Edinburgh
130 55 ST Jayasuriya Sri Lanka v Bangladesh Karachi
162 55 CH Gayle West Indies v England St George’s
116 57 JP Faulkner Australia v India Bangalore
119 57 AB de Villiers South Africa v India Mumbai
140 57 NLTC Perera Sri Lanka v New Zealand Mount Manganui
148 57 EJG Morgan England v Afghanistan Manchester
102 58 AB de Villiers South Africa v India Ahmedabad
104 58 JM Bairstow England v New Zealand Christchurch
125* 60 V Sehwag India v New Zealand Hamilton
150 60 JC Buttler England v West Indies St George’s
107 60 Jatinder Singh Oman v Nepal Al Amerat
115* 61 V Kohli India v Australia Nagpur
121 61 JC Buttler England v Sri Lanka Lord’s
152 61 Sharjeel Khan Pakistan v Ireland Dublin (Malahide)
108 62 M Azharuddin India v New Zealand Baroda
147 62 AD Hales England v Australia Nottingham
105 62 SPD Smith Australia v India Sydney
104 62 SPD Smith Australia v India Sydney
104 63 Shakib Al Hasan Bangladesh v Zimbabwe Bulawayo
157 64 ST Jayasuriya Sri Lanka v Netherlands Amstelveen
138* 64 Yuvraj Singh India v England Rajkot
120 65 KM Jadhav India v England Pune
123 65 JJ Roy England v West Indies Bridgetown
101 66 ML Hayden Australia v South Africa St Kitts
101 66 SK Raina India v Hong Kong Karachi
146 66 V Sehwag India v Sri Lanka Rajkot
108 66 AB de Villiers South Africa v Sri Lanka Hambantota
129 66 JC Buttler England v New Zealand Birmingham
111 67 JM Davison Canada v West Indies Centurion
127* 67 Basit Ali Pakistan v West Indies Sharjah
122 67 AC Gilchrist Australia v Sri Lanka Brisbane
117 67 CD McMillan New Zealand v Australia Hamilton


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